CrashPlan Automated Backup

Whether you are a business or a home user, there is one kind of computer problem that nobody should have: a failed hard drive with no backup. Hard drives typically only last 3-5 years and if you don't have a backup when yours dies, you could lose all your valuable data.

To avoid this you need an effective backup system; one that is reliable, lets you know when it's not working properly, and doesn't hiccup when your computer goes to sleep.

Not all backup systems are created equally. We have found CrashPlan to be the best and that is why Mobile MacWiz is proud to be a CrashPlan Pro partner. CrashPlan is a best-in-class backup solution that allows you to backup your data to a local hard drive, a remote server, or both. CrashPlan is great for both business and home users. And CrashPlan's hosted solution is the most cost-effective we have found. They have made it easy and affordable to backup your data to a secure off-site location.

CrashPlan's benefits are: you can't forget your backup drive at home, or at the office, or just forget to plug it in. Whenever CrashPlan recognizes that there hasn't been a backup in 3 or more days, we get an email and can follow-up with you to see what has gone wrong.